Messi’s Five Goals vs Bayer Leverkusen: Video Highlights

Lionel Messi scores five goals in a Champions League match, “amazing!” Therefore I could not be the only one without saying something on behalf of the great Messi and Messi's Five Goals. Professional players from around the world succumbed to Messi's magical feet.

Twitter went off the hook with everyone hailing Messi’s performance. Now you can watch all the goals from this historic match between FC Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen, and read some tweets from professional players from around the world.


So what are other professional players saying about Messi's Five Goals?


Wayne Rooney – @WayneRooney

"Messi is a joke for me best ever"




Ronaldo (Fenômeno) – @ClaroRonaldo

"Take the kids off twitter: Messi plays F#$& good!"

(Translated from Portuguese: “Tirem as crianças do tuiter: O Messi joga pra C.!!!”)




Translated from Portuguese:  “This Messi is a joke, FIFA needs to make a another trophy for best of the world for him. 4 goals and there will be more!”

(Translated from Portuguese: “Esse Messi é brincadeira, está deitando e rolando. A FIFA já tem que providenciar outro troféu de melhor do mundo para ele. 4 gols e vai ter +”.)





Falcão (Brazilian Futsal Player. Best Futsal player ever) @Falcao12oficial

"Thanks for the comments and the comparisons!! But Messi at this moment is untouchable!!"




Rio Ferdinand – @rioferdy5

"Messi doesn't look interested tonight…!!!"



Dentinho (Brazilian soccer player) – @mlkdentinho

"Messi looks like he's on PS3. Goal with L1 over the keeper, and R2 placed in the corner. This guy isn't real!"




Jozy Altidore – @JozyAltidore

"Not even impressed by what messi does anymore lol its becoming so normal to see him dominate like this."


And there are countless other players, coaches fans around the world praising lil Messi and Barcelona!

*Sources: Globo Esporte

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