Manchester United vs Manchester City

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Mark today on the calendar boys, October 23, 2011, a day that will be celebrated for years to come; “At least in the form of rival gloating and bragging rights.”

I’m not sure of the long-term ramifications this loss will bring; however, there is no doubt that Manchester City has definitely arrived as a team to be reckoned with. Just as the great Chelsea FC did a few years back, the EPL (English Premier League) now has another real contender in the league.

Manchester United falling 1-6 to Manchester City, is unbelievable for many reasons. Man United, is the current EPL Champions, and they started this season off in amazing fashion, beating rivals Arsenal (Gunners) by a whopping score of 8-2. However, Manchester United’s top shape seemed to become questionable for longevity the past few games as they struggled to win against lesser squads.

Oddly is the fact how a “black cloud” of outlandish blowouts is marking this year’s Premier League. It’s amazing how we have short-term memory spans, and terrible losses seem to be forgotten. Have there ever been outrageous scores like this before? Truth be told, blowouts happen to the best and worst teams. The great Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson said, "This is the worst game ever, as a player and as a coach."

I’m no historian, but I’m certain that Manchester United will want to forget about this loss as fast as possible. The only way to forget this nightmarish game and sleep soundly tonight is to partake in a sedative or hypnotic drug. I’m not saying they should take drugs, but Advil PM really works and it’s basically an illegal sedative.

Man City’s, thumping of Man United by a score of 6-1 goes to show that starting the season off in amazing form, has it’s downfalls. One downfall being, if you start the season out steadfast you might hit a brick wall halfway through the season. I mean hasn’t the children’s story “The Tortoise and the Hare” taught us anything? (jeez)

I could write much more, but why should I; just watch the highlights of Manchester United vs. Manchester City, 10-23-2011 (October 23, 2011).

PS: For your enjoyment I have posted both thrashings: Manchester United vs Arsenal (Sunday August 28, 2011) as well as Man United vs Man City…simply enjoy!


Extended Video

Man United vs Arsenal highlights

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