Day of Neymar 11-11-11

Even the Roman's Calendar favors soccer "jewel" Neymar!
To celebrate this day, Neymar will be counting on his fans from around the world with a campaign "The 11 Best!" where YOU the fan get's to create and make a video of Neymar based on the following rules/categories.


• 11 best goals
• 11 best dribbles
• 11 best goal celebrations
• 11 best looks
• 11 best/worst fails suffered
• 11 people with the pleasure of marking Neymar

As we all know soccer is based off of improvisations, so please take the liberty to "improvise" or bend the rules of your video in the continuing effort of being creative!

To participate please follow these instructions:

• create your video featuring Neymar
• could be a video with a photo montage or several videos and images together
• the video must be 1 minute and 11 seconds long or 71 seconds
• you may create as many videos as you please
• You must post all videos to the youtube page: (*If you don't have a youtube account, you will have to create a youtube account to post your video. Then share your video with Neymar's Facebook page:
• You can post your video directly to Neymar's Facebook page
• The best videos will be retransmitted by Neymar on his official youtube page and until the end of Fifa World Championship

On the day #11_11_11DiaDoNeymar, Neymar will announce the winner of each category.
Now go ahead and do your thing, and let's celebrate #11_11_11DiaDoNeymar!



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