Unconventional Soccer Drills to Improve Aim

soccer aim

We usually don’t speak about “aim” when discussing soccer. That is, until someone shoots the ball from outside the 18-yard-box and scores. At which point everyone turns to one another and say, “What a shot!” When shooting or passing you need aim. The majority of players will wait for a team training so they can practice their shooting or passing. Most of the time, players will wait to have a “perfect” field, goal and full squad to practice their technical needs.

For the rest of us who will play soccer wherever or whenever, be that on the streets or grass patches on the side of the road, I offer some unconventional ways to improve your soccer aim!

Soccer Aim 101

You vs Yourself

you vs yourself


I was a lonely kid growing up. Nobody liked me. Actually I’m lying, I had a bunch of friends but my friends didn’t want to play soccer 24-hours a day like me. So while the other nincompoops were off playing hide and go seek or other stupid useless kids games, I played a little game called “You vs Yourself.”

I would make two goals about 15-20 yards apart. I made the goals out of flip-flops or sticks, about a foot wide in length or just wide enough for a ball to go through. This way I would have to be exact in my aim when shooting. (See example)



Rules of the game:

  • Must shoot from the side of each goal.
  • One team (You) must use right foot.
  • The other team (Yourself) must use left foot.
  • After a few weeks of playing this game, both teams will start having about the same statistics.
  • To make it even for both teams you can kick five with right and five with left.
  • Make believe you are in a tournament, and take it seriously.

I have managed to hit my father in the head and face many times.

Soccer Golf

Soccer Golf

This is pretty self explanatory, but let me explain anyways. Choose a few locations around your yard, or field/pitch and make those the targets. I usually throw my soccer bag on the floor, then use a tree, then maybe a goal post if I’m on a soccer field.

If you have cones or other possible targets like chairs, benches or your little sister will suffice as well. Then start kicking the ball trying to hit your targets. Try to hit the target with as few tries as possible. You should do this with your right and left foot.



Note: I also play this game indoors with a little size 1 ball. I go down the hallway trying to hit certain things with the little ball. I have managed to hit my father in the head and face many times. Usually I ask him to stay still as I chip him; I always miss a perfect chip by an inch or two. Sorry pops!

Soccer Drills for Aim – The Conventional Method

I need to put at least one conventional training method right? So I opted to share the drill I did most when growing up. You can use a wall, shed or even a real goal for this drill. Put a stick, cone or bag a foot away from the post on each side of the goal. Take your ball and start taking shots around the penalty spot with the inside of your foot. (Click on the image at left to get an idea of what I’m talking about)

Try to put your shots between the cone and the post. Do this 10 times with your right foot and 10 times with your left foot. After you have perfected the penalty spot, move to the sides, then move further out; all while shooting with the inside of your foot. As you get better try to hit the ball with more force. After a while, you will notice your shooting and passing has gotten much better!


The above drills helped me become a better player. I enjoyed soccer so much I created these little games, which intern made me a better player. At the time I had no idea what I was doing would make me a better player. Today, I understand that all those hours playing soccer/football on my own helped develop muscle and cognitive skills that are now programmed into my system. Today completing these tasks with my right or left foot is by nature – easy.




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