Affection Between Two Peruvian Players

Peruvian TV captured some "curious" display of affection between two members of Peruvian soccer club, Sporting Cristal. During "regular" practice the players Giancarlo Casas and Yoshimar Yotún, embraced, laughed, hugged and even kissed.

The affection was not overlooked by Sporting Cristal directors, and this sort of "group cohesion methods" has been "prohibited by the club;" even though, disciplinary action has not been confirmed by the media. The two have said that they are heterosexual and that they are only very good friends. Needless to say I don't feel this situation will go away anytime soon, as it gives great trash talking ammunition to all rival teams. My only observation is, if Sporting Cristal want's to really unite it's team, they should include the entire group and have one massive hugging section, but maybe that might become a different type of athletic activity for only mature audiences. Enjoy the video below: