Netherlands the Biggest Disappointment of Euro 2012

We are in the midst of a wonderful Euro 2012 tournament. Thus far I must say certain teams have surprised me, like Italy’s more offensive style. However, one team has surprised me for all the negative reasons possible, Netherlands. So what is up with the Netherlands?

Before the start of Euro 2012 I said my favorites to win were Germany and Netherlands. Spain is always the favorites, of course, but I always try to play the devil’s advocate and route for other teams I enjoy watching other than Spain.

So the question stands, am I an idiot for thinking Netherlands as a possible contender to win the Euro’s? I believe not. Netherlands still has some of the best players in the world, and most will agree with me on that notion. However, it seems their tactics, formation and inner team conflicts are to blame.

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Soccer Strategies by Country Revealed

Soccer has evolved so much in the past 100 years that individual countries have actually formulated their own sort of identity when it comes to how the game is played. In an effort to identify, categorize, summarize, characterize, define and distinguish each nations unique style and strategy: Eight countries unilaterally agreed to relinquish and share all of their information, training manuals and documents from their corresponding federations to an outside research company to conduct a multifaceted study on what type of style and strategies these countries have produced.

The results of the study can be found below…enjoy!