Is FC Barcelona That Good or is Everyone That Bad

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FC Barcelona Winning Dynasty


Some say the current FC Barcelona team will go down in history as one of the best teams ever.  Many say that Barcelona’s academy of soccer has brought back the theory of “the beautiful game.” People say FC Barcelona has proven that stylish, poetic, fluid possession soccer can in fact become a winning dynasty. Ultimately, Barcelona has proven that size; speed and strength isn’t the most important thing in soccer. So the question becomes, “is the modern game with its inherent characteristics of speed and strength flawed?”
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Barcelona FC Players Show their YOUTH “ID Cards”

We all were kids once, bright eyed and rosy cheeked snot nosed rug rats. The difference is some of us grew up to be older snot nose human beings. Mere mortals living our daily lives in a zombie comatose of work and personal life. We watch as the peers we played with as youngsters; who were also once bugger nosed twerps, become the elite of soccer right before our very eyes. Life is funny this way, how some folks fall to be unknowns and some folks rise to greatness. We watch as some of our peers grow in wealth, either in soccer or in work, and it sometimes seems  almost effortless for these people. Regardless of your greatness or shortcomings, when looking at Barcelona FC's elites "First ID cards" makes me remember my first card, and I had a bit of nostalgia of my time playing and the chances lost and/or gained. We were all young once, and despite our soccer achievements we should never stop the love or the playing of the game. In essence, the passion still sparkles inside us, regardless of fame and fortune for we are all peasants to the game. Read more