Manchester United vs Manchester City

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Mark today on the calendar boys, October 23, 2011, a day that will be celebrated for years to come; “At least in the form of rival gloating and bragging rights.”

I’m not sure of the long-term ramifications this loss will bring; however, there is no doubt that Manchester City has definitely arrived as a team to be reckoned with. Just as the great Chelsea FC did a few years back, the EPL (English Premier League) now has another real contender in the league.

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Trash Your Tevez Shirt

The folks of Manchester have had enough of Carlos Tevez. Amazingly, a dump truck with the words, "Trash Your Tevez Shirt," rolls through the streets of Manchester while groups of people "throw out" their shirts.

To tell you the truth I thought this would never happen to a guy like Tevez, he is beloved at almost every club he has played for. He is known for giving 110% on the field hurrying for every ball, and terrorizing defenses. This approach to the game has made him a favorite, but his last few clashes with Manchester coaches and fans ended a possible love affair. He has also been quoted as saying he, "he hates Manchester," which doesn't help his cause. But, the video below is awesome to watch, as the citizens of Manchester come out to celebrate and talk about the "despicable Carlos Tevez."

Is FC Barcelona That Good or is Everyone That Bad

“This article by its very length defends itself against the risk of being read. So I made cute little sections for you skimmers with low attention spans. You can read the intro and conclusion to understand the article.”


FC Barcelona Winning Dynasty


Some say the current FC Barcelona team will go down in history as one of the best teams ever.  Many say that Barcelona’s academy of soccer has brought back the theory of “the beautiful game.” People say FC Barcelona has proven that stylish, poetic, fluid possession soccer can in fact become a winning dynasty. Ultimately, Barcelona has proven that size; speed and strength isn’t the most important thing in soccer. So the question becomes, “is the modern game with its inherent characteristics of speed and strength flawed?”
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Ji-sung Park Reviewed

Ji-sung Park Reviewed

After the Chelsea vs. Manchester United game played April 12, 2011 at Old Trafford for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League; I decided to write about Ji-sung Park. Arguably the best player on the field that day for his shear determination, Park terrorized Chelsea’s left flank.

After the game Korean friends commented about how awesome Park is. The fact is, Park isn’t awesome; he is a great workhorse who had some very good luck. He play’s a role for Manchester United, and he fit’s that role perfectly. We should actually congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson, for Park’s “greatness.” He saw in Park, what many coaches probably wouldn’t have seen, a secrete weapon! He integrated Park into the Manchester system, and created a player that we now see as, “awesome.” Read more