Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid 1st Leg Preview


Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid
Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals 2012

Hosts Bayern Munich head to the semi-finals to face Spain’s #1 club in La Liga thus far. With a fit Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery, the Reds are the favorite to reach the finals in Munich although Real are a team on form currently 4 points ahead of second place Barcelona.

April 17th 2012 Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid (2:45pm ET 11:45am PT)
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Brazil Wants to Stop Alcohol Sales at World Cup 2014

So what’s all this hoopla regarding FIFA and Brazil the past few days? Well there are several issues regarding stadium construction, airports and transportation issues. However, political and local laws have been another major issue. Brazil has had a very hard time approving regulatory laws regarding World Cup 2014.

Laws like ticket prices, school hours during the event, senior citizen ticket prices and many others laws have proven difficult for Brazil to come to an internal agreement. This has hence delayed progress and angered some FIFA officials. Believe it or not, the selling of alcoholic beverages is at the center of this spectacle.

The top headlines today in Brazil was the fact that stadiums and establishments will be allowed to sell beer or alcoholic beverages during the World Cup 2014. Let the party begin, but wait, why would Brazil want to STOP beer sales?

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The Trajectory of a Soccer Star – Neymar

Neymar as a kid Brazil

The story of Neymar is magnificent and spectacular in almost everyway you view it. We the spectators have been privileged to view his remarkable play. Now, at the young age of 19-years-old he is the youngest player ever to be eligible for Fifa World Player of the Year (FIFA Ballon d’Or). From a list of 23 players, he is the only player who doesn’t play in Europe. So what was the path of this soccer jewel?  Read more