Trash Your Tevez Shirt

The folks of Manchester have had enough of Carlos Tevez. Amazingly, a dump truck with the words, "Trash Your Tevez Shirt," rolls through the streets of Manchester while groups of people "throw out" their shirts.

To tell you the truth I thought this would never happen to a guy like Tevez, he is beloved at almost every club he has played for. He is known for giving 110% on the field hurrying for every ball, and terrorizing defenses. This approach to the game has made him a favorite, but his last few clashes with Manchester coaches and fans ended a possible love affair. He has also been quoted as saying he, "he hates Manchester," which doesn't help his cause. But, the video below is awesome to watch, as the citizens of Manchester come out to celebrate and talk about the "despicable Carlos Tevez."

River Plate The Jersey Won’t Fall

The drama of River Plate, one of the most victorious and traditional teams in Argentina is a debacle to say the least. Some how the great River Plate literally “stepped on top of the ball” and fell all the way down to the second division. This unfortunate achievement was made possible ONLY by multiple years of terrible play leading up to a “promoción.” The promoción is a game against the second division champions to see who goes to the first division and who goes to the second division. The outcome could be no other, witnessed by Tano Pasman
(Fanatic video tirade by River Plate fan.) and by tens of thousands of supports, River Plate, one of Argentina’s greatest soccer teams lost the promoción to Soccer Club Belgrano. With a solem gloom I am teary eyed to announce, River Plate will now play in the second division next year.
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