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This year is coming to an end and we decided to take a look at the top articles of 2012. The articles are ranked and chosen by the most visited and to our surprise some were published in 2011, which means people are reading our older content (thank you guys!). We had a great year at SoccerTalk, and we look forward to 2013.




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4 4 2 best 100 soccer players

#1: Four Four Two’s Top 100 Soccer Players Bias or Analysis?

The English football magazine “Four Four Two,” published their list of the Top 100 Players. We can argue about the list all day in civil discourse at the local tavern down the street. The reality is, it is almost impossible to measure the best players in the world, because in essence soccer/football is a team game.



Neymar as a kid Brazil

#2: The Trajectory of a Soccer Star – Neymar

The story of Neymar is magnificent and spectacular in almost everyway you view it. We the spectators have been privileged to view his remarkable play. Now, at the young age of 19-years-old he is the youngest player ever to be eligible for Fifa World Player of the Year (FIFA Ballon d’Or). From a list of 23 players, he is the only player who doesn’t play in Europe. So what was the path of this soccer jewel?


Improve Soccer Vision

#3: Three Ways to Improve Your Soccer Vision

I’ve been in this game for years and when I speak with other players or coaches about youth and coaching, I always get the same ole lackey responses.

“We must teach first touch!” “We must coach dribbling skills!” “Speed is so important in the modern game!”


How Real Madrid can beat Barcelona

#4: How Real Madrid Can Beat FC Barcelona

Real Madrid has perfected their ability to consistently lose to FC Barcelona. Real Madrid has become Barcelona’s regular punching bag. We get it, Barcelona is the best team in the world, their bench is amazing, their coach is amazing, and they have the best player on earth (little Messi), so how the hell do we beat these guys? Well, let me tell you how, Real Madrid can beat FC Barcelona!



Chelsea vs Barcelona 1st Leg

#5: Barcelona vs. Chelsea 1st Leg Preview

UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals 2012

Two teams with history in the Champions League in the semi-finals. A rivalry sparked by controversy that will only stoke the fire growing under the belly of Chelsea fans who have been disappointed by their teams lack of success in recent competitions. What will happen?




goal-line technology is bad football

#6: Reasons Why Goal-line Technology is Not a Good Idea

Soccer is an unforgiving sport and I tend to say that a lot. We easily forget the historyof the game and the great players that helped advance the sport. At one moment you are the best, the next you are forgotten and sometimes even ridiculed (AKA Ronaldinho). We easily succumb to new players, teams and technologies and quickly except them as the best ever. Then as time passes we find ourselves trying to “make” the sport better than before. All the while forgetting why the sport is so great to begin with. So here are my reasons against Goal-line Technology.



Neymar imitating Cristiano Ronaldo

#7: Neymar Imitates Cristiano Ronaldo During Training

We often find ourselves imitating or practicing like the great players we see on TV. When I was a youngster I would mimic Ronaldo (Fenômeno) and Maradona. I really enjoyed their control with the ball while running at high speed. I would watch so many reruns and games that I actually found myself doing what my “idols” did, without even thinking about it.


How to be a professional soccer player

#8: Do You Want to Play Professional Soccer Here’s a Tip

Everyone wants to be the next Messi, Neymar or CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo) these days. When I’m watching the young’uns play I hear people on the sideline say, “Oh he’s a little Messi,” or “he’s so fast he runs like Cristiano Ronaldo!” What many of these overenthusiastic parents and fans forget, is that there are millions of “little Messi’s” all over the world and if you want to give your kid a fighting chance to play professional soccer, you might want to take a different route.


NBC partners with MLS Promo Video

#9: NBC Sports Network’s Awesome MLS Commercial

Have you heard of a channel called, “Versus?” Well, neither have I, and neither has half the TV viewing audience in the United States, according to USA Today. What does this mean? Well it means a name change and repositioning of this cable channel from “Versus” to “NBC Sports Network.” And for American soccer fans it means MLS on NBC!


FIFA Club World Cup Finals

#10: FC Barcelona Wins 2011 FIFA Club World Cup Surprise

For Barcelona to have won against Santos FC isn’t that surprising, I was being facetious with the title. However, there are some valid points to observe when discussing this game.



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