The Evolution of the World Cup Ball

If you are a soccer buff like me, you gotta love the history of the game. The image below shows the evolution of the World Cup Soccer Ball. It is amazing to see where the game started and where we are at today. The beautiful game is certanly exquisite and fascinating no matter how you look at it.

I took the pleasure of adding a few of my favorite balls of all time….ALL OF THEM!

Uruguay 1930 Ball Two “TIENTO”

Uruguay 1930 "TIENTO"




















Uruguay 1930 Ball Two “T-MODEL”

Uruguay 1930 Ball Two "T-MODEL"


Italy 1934 “Federale 102”

Italy 1934


France 1938 “Allen”

France 1938


Brazil 1950 “Super Duplo T”

Brazil 1950 "Super Duplo T"


Switzerland 1954 “Swiss WC Match Ball”

Switzerland 1954 "Swiss WC Match Ball"


Sweden 1958 “Top-Star”

Sweden 1958 "Top-Star"


Chile 1962 “Mr. Crack Final”

Chile 1962 "Mr. Crack Final"


England 1966 “Challenge 4 Star”

England 1966 "Challenge 4 Star"


Mexico 1970 “Telstar Durlast”

Mexico 1978


West Germany 1974 “Telstar Durlast”

West Germany 1974 "Telstar Durlast"


Argentina 1978 “Tango Durlast”

Argentina 1978 "Tango Durlast"


Spain 1982 “Tango Espanha”

Spain 1982 "Tango Espanha"

Mexico 1986 “Azteca Mexico”

Mexico 1986 "Tango Azteca"


Italy 1990 “Etrusco Unico”

Italy 1990 "Etrusco Unico"


USA 1994 “Questra”

USA 1994


France 1998 “EQT Tricolore”

France 1998 "EQT Tricolore"


South Korea & Japan 2002 “Fevernova”

South Korea & Japan 2002 "Fevernova"


Germany 2006 “Teamgeist”

Germany 2006 "Teamgeist"


South Africa 2010 “Jobulani”

South Africa 2010 "Jobulani"

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Andre Couto

hope u saw the santos x flamengo game, or highlights…what a treat

Roberto Avey

I am taping it tonight..and will watch it tomorrow. I have been watching the Audi Cup, which is interesting. Brasil doesn’t have the stars playing in Brazil like they used to but they are still good compared to the Europeans (even though the clubs are much poorer). I remember Vasco and Corinthians in 1999 destroying Real Madrid and Manchester. When we still had a lot of great players still playing in Brazil…those were the days

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