Reasons Why Mano Menezes Was Fired from Brazil’s National Team

Mano Menezes Fired

It is no secret my contempt for Mano Menzes throughout his reign over the Brazilian National Team. I listed several issues I had with Mano in my article, “Brazil Booed The dark Ages of Brazilian Soccer.” Gratefully, Friday November 23rd Mano Menezes was dismissed as Brazil’s head coach, ”

A day which should be celebrated by all Brazilian’s,” Romario tweeted:

Why Mano Menezes was Fired

Mano’s first game as Brazil’s head coach was against the United States on August 10th 2010. He selected a large base of players who were playing at Santos FC. At the time Santos was playing some amazing soccer with a star studded team including Neymar, Robinho and Ganso. With these three players along with Pato, Brazil conquered a promising victory over United States 2-0. The formation was very similar to Barcelona’s formation. The team played very well and fans were thrilled at the style of play. However, from that game on it seemed that Mano digressed.

Players like Hernanes, Robinho and Kaka were disregarded or forgotten by Mano. Marcelo from Real Madrid never got a clear chance to play until the last few games. Brazilian fans didn’t understand why Mano disliked Marcelo. Unfortunately Pato and Ganso began having injuries. The problem though is that Mano seemed to “stick” with the same formation, tactics and strategy from the game against USA throughout his entire time as coach. Everything changed around him, except him. As a coach if the players you have leave and new ones come in, and the new ones don’t have the characteristics to play the formation and tactics you want, then you must change the formations and tactics.

Ultimately, Mano never created a good base of players and never formed a winning strategy. Many people say, “The Brazilian National Squad didn’t have a distinct fashion of play or characteristic.” It seemed as though the team was almost lost on the field, or didn’t know what to do. Brazil lost games against almost all major teams like Germany, France and Mexico. They also lost the Copa America 2011, while playing horribly. Brazil recently beat Japan and Iraq, but those victories are almost expected and did very little to correct the terrible play on the field.

Side note: Why Not Robinho

Robinho hasn’t had great success in European soccer, however, every time has has played in Brazil or the Brazilian National Team, he has played amazing. Even during Dunga’s tenure as Brazil’s Head Coach, Robinho had problems in Europe, but Dunga still played Robinho and Robinho played great for the Brazilian National Team.

Mano Menezes Record with the Brazilian National Team:


August 10, New Jersey (USA): Brasil 2 x 0 USA
October 7, in Abu Dhabi : Brasil 3 x 0 Iran
October 11, in Derby (England): Brasil 2 x 0 Ukraine
Novinber 17, in Doha (Qatar): Brasil 0 x 1 Argentina


February 9, in Paris (France): Brasil 0 x 1 France
March 27, in London (England): Brasil 2 x 0 Scottland
June 4, in Goiânia: Brasil 0 x 0 Holanda
June 7, in São Paulo: Brasil 1 x 0 Romania
August 10, in Stuttgart (Germany): Brasil 2 x 3 Germany
September 5, in London (England): Brasil 1 x 0 Gana
October 7, in San José (Costa Rica): Brasil 1 x 0 Costa Rica
October 11, in Torreón (México): Brasil 2 x 1 México
November 10, in Libreville (Gabon): Brasil 2 x 0 Gabão
November 14, in Doha (Qatar): Brasil 2 x 0 Egypt


Copa América de La Plata, in Argentina
July 3: Brasil 0 x 0 Venezuela
July 9: Brasil 2 x 2 Paraguay
July 13: Brasil 4 x 2 Ecuador
July 17: Brasil 0 (0) x (2) 0 Paraguay


Superclássico das Américas
September 14, in Córdoba (Argentina): Brasil 0 x 0 Argentina
September 28, in Belém: Brasil 2 x 0 Argentina


February 28, in St. Gallen (England): Brasil 2 x 1 Bosnia
May 26, in Hamburg (Germany): Brasil 3 x 1 Dinamarca
May 30, in Washington (USA): Brasil 4 x 1 USA
June 3, in Dallas (USA): Brasil 0 x 2 México
June 9, in New Jersey (USA): Brasil 3 x 4 Argentina
August 15, in Stockholm (Sweden): Brasil 3 x 0 Sweden
September 7, in São Paulo: Brasil 1 x 0 South Africa
September 10, in Recife: Brasil 8 x 0 China
October 11, in Malmo (Sweden): Brasil 6 x 0 Iraq
October 16, in Breslávia (Poland): Brasil 4 x 0 Japan
November 14, in New Jersey (USA): Brasil 1 x 1 Colômbia

Superclássico das Américas
September 19, in Goiânia: Brasil 2 x 1 Argentina
November 21, in Buenos Aires (Argentina): Brasil 1 (4) x (3) 2 Argentina

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