Reasons Why Goal-line Technology is Not a Good Idea

goal-line technology

Soccer is an unforgiving sport and I tend to say that a lot. We easily forget the history of the game and the great players that helped advance the sport. At one moment you are the best, the next you are forgotten and sometimes even ridiculed (AKA Kaka). We easily succumb to new players, teams and technologies and quickly except them as the best ever. Then as time passes we find ourselves trying to “make” the sport better than before. All the while forgetting why the sport is so great to begin with. So here are my reasons against Goal-line Technology.

“The humanity, history and equality of the sport is what makes it such a passionate ordeal..”
Certainly there are some youngsters and bottom line executives who are screaming at me before even reading the article. Call me a romantic or historic nutcase if you wish, but soccer in its most humble and simplistic form is what makes it such a success. The history and equality of the sport is what makes it such a passionate ordeal for millions across the globe. So why change?

Goal-line Technology

Life Isn’t Fair:
Life is Not Fair neither is soccer

One reason I love soccer is that it teaches us so many life lessons. In the most simplistic form possible it relates the humanity of the game, “people screw up!”

Life isn’t perfect my friend, and sometimes things don’t workout. The question is, “what are we going to do to overcome this bad call?” In life it can be, “what will we do to overcome oppression, depression or joblessness?”  Most people don’t deserve depression, like a team doesn’t deserve a bad call by a referee, but, teaching kids and adults how to deal with bad calls and angry moments is something of character building. Hopefully something Mario Balotelli learns soon.
We Are All Created Equal:
Martin Luther King Jr.

We might not all be equals in soccer skill, but when stepping onto the pitch we are all on equal ground. No matter where we play or whom we play it is 11 vs 11 for 90-minutes. Anywhere you go in the world the rules and circumstances of the game are the same. A “poor” city league in Los Angeles or Africa is ruled the same as the UEFA Champions League or World Cup. This gives FIFA and the game of soccer some commonality and sense of understanding throughout the world. We are all equal here, and regardless of what happens we are ruled by the same laws everywhere. Will these “poor” leagues be able to afford Goal-line Technology? I doubt it.

The Sport of the People:
Che Played Soccer
Look around the world and ask yourself, “Why isn’t Basketball, American Football or Baseball more popular than soccer?” The cost of other sports are above and beyond many nations or people can afford. I mean, ‘poor’ Brazilians can’t afford Baseball Bats or American Football gear. There is a reason why soccer triumphs over all other sports. There is a reason for this majestic mysticism and almost religious like notion regarding the sport. Why introduce a new COST which makes almost every league in the world become irrelevant compared to the big leagues?

Technology Isn’t Perfect:

Goal-line Technology
We complain about referees, because we ‘know’ humans aren’t perfect. However, who makes gadgets, chips and technology? Yep you guessed it, people make technology and for that simple reason why should we trust it? How many times has your computer crashed? How many times has your car broke down or the electric windows stopped working? How about the Intel chip that was recalled?
Goal-line Technology might be eliminating one issue, but it will create new problems of concern. Maybe Goal-line Technology works perfect, but with every type of technology comes the possible upkeep, downfalls and issues not even thought about. The folks in the technology business will understand where I’m coming from on this one.
Final Comments:
The Man Who Knows Soccer

I must admit, I get pissed off with referee errors, but changing the fabric of the game and taking out the most romantic quality is not the way to go. Just as romance and love isn’t always perfect; soccer isn’t perfect either. Have you heard the quote, “You must love someone before you can hate them?” With great love for soccer comes the ability to become angry and hate soccer at times. Thus the romanticism of the game begins with ‘love’ and is historically ingrained in a social economic and religious fabrics of the world population be that rich or poor.

Progressive ideas have always been approached by FIFA; be that, making the ball bigger, making the goals bigger, doing hockey style penalties, but the game in it’s raw simple form is always the best.
The great Messi plays under the same circumstances as the immortals of yesterday like Pele, Di Stefeno, Garrincha, and Cruyf. Thats the way it should be forever. At the end of the day, quality will always find its way to the top regardless of the refereeing. That’s why I am against Goal-line Technology.

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Great article, changed my opinion on goal-line technology

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