Neymar The Pros and Cons Between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Neymar Decides Barcelona

We have been waiting to see, Neymar, this young phenom play at the heights of the European Leagues for the past few years. The day has finally come for Neymar to choose, between Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. Even though many news outlets say Neymar has already signed with Barcelona, he has yet to officially decide where he goes. For that reason I want to ponder the pros and cons of his choices.

Neymar’s biggest concern must be the fear he will become second fiddle on a team already formed and molded around other players. This same concern is one of many coaches in Brazil including the Brazilian National team manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, and his current manager at Santos, Muricy Ramalho. The concern becomes, “Will the new manager focus on molding Neymar into an even more brilliant player, or will Neymar sit the bench for long periods of time?” This undoubtedly hurts a player’s confidence and form.

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Neymar Through the years

One thing that happens in Brazil which is a bit different in Europe, is that players can play badly for two or three games, and most of the time they will continue to be on the starting team. In Brazil there is a passion for the good players, and managers in Brazil understand the ups and downs a player goes through. In Europe there is no room for mistakes. So it’s essential for Neymar to inherit a good understanding manager who is willing to work with and mold Neymar into an awesome player. If a manager decides to use him as second fiddle and doesn’t allow him time to adjust, then his career undoubtedly could go up in flames.

Neymar at FC Barcelona

fc barcelona shield

At Barcelona the wingers and forwards are always somewhat different. There is a rotation between Sanchez, Pedro, Tello and David Villa. So something will have to give for Neymar to become part of the squad. If he becomes just a rotated player, then the greatness of what Neymar can be will be finished.




Neymar at Real Madrid

real madrid shield

Real Madrid does the same type of rotation, but it doesn’t seem as extreme as Barcelona. I feel Real Madrid has other issues that might hinder Neymar’s growth, “Instability.” Real Madrid seems completely fractionated and interrupted. The “great” Jose Mourinho has effectively divided this team and ruined several players careers. Sadly, Real Madrid seems to be a squad without cohesion. This instability can cause confusion for the next manager of Real Madrid. With no team cohesion a new player like Neymar might have to work harder to gain notice from the new manager. From experience, I understand that being better than your counterpart means very little in soccer, when transferring to a new team. If you go to a team and the players don’t play with you, then you are always trying to catch up. People don’t pass to you when you want the ball, and the movements are off. It can become hell trying to prove you’re a good player when your teammates don’t play with you.

Undoubtedly, Neymar has the pure natural God given ability. He is most certainly a pure footballer. His talent and skill is in the realms of Messi, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Zidane etc. He has not achieved their greatness yet, but it will all depend on the structure and acceptance of his new manager and team.

Where would you like to see Neymar?

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