Neymar Imitates Cristiano Ronaldo During Training

Neymar imitating Cristiano Ronaldo

We often find ourselves imitating or practicing like the great players we see on TV. When I was a youngster I would mimic Ronaldo (Fenômeno) and Maradona. I really enjoyed their control with the ball while running at high speed. I would watch so many reruns and games that I actually found myself doing what my “idols” did, without even thinking about it.

So imagine my surprise when seeing the youngster Neymar imitating Cristiano Ronaldo. It was all in good humor as Neymar imitates Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). Of coarse Neymar was just joking around, but it’s neat to see Neymar doing some of the same jokes or mental preparedness that we, you or I did.
I want to point out, while Neymar jokes around with the ball and “plays” keeper; other teammates are just sitting around. We often ask, “What does it take to be one of the great players of the game?” Well, for one you have to have a huge LOVE for the game. While everyone else is resting, you are out messing around with the ball for fun. That’s what it takes to be one of the greats!
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Sources: Globo Esporte

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