Netherlands the Biggest Disappointment of Euro 2012

We are in the midst of a wonderful Euro 2012 tournament. Thus far I must say certain teams have surprised me, like Italy’s more offensive style. However, one team has surprised me for all the negative reasons possible, Netherlands. So what is up with the Netherlands?

Before the start of Euro 2012 I said my favorites to win were Germany and Netherlands. Spain is always the favorites, of course, but I always try to play the devil’s advocate and route for other teams I enjoy watching other than Spain.

So the question stands, am I an idiot for thinking Netherlands as a possible contender to win the Euro’s? I believe not. Netherlands still has some of the best players in the world, and most will agree with me on that notion. However, it seems their tactics, formation and inner team conflicts are to blame.

The Soccer President

Van Persie and Sneijder during Euro 2012

Van Persie seemed out of position and lost on the field vs Portugal. Sneijder played extremely to the left side, and it seemed as though he didn’t touch the ball much against Portugal. Robben seemed to be “pissed” off the entire tournament. Lastly, it seemed as though there wasn’t a “president” on the field. In Brazil we say, every team needs a president. The “president” is respected and seen as the main guy of the team. What he (the president) says, “goes” and no matter what other team members say, the president’s words are usually the most important. It is usually a team understanding who is “president” and the “president” doesn’t necessarily need to be “captain” of the team.

Neymar is the “president” of the Brazilian national team.


Robben Euro 2012

In Brazil Ronaldo (R9 or fenômeno) was the “president” for many years. Before Ronaldo, Romario was the “president,” while Dunga took the role of a “sergeant.” Today, Neymar is the “president” of the Brazilian national team. Older players like Hulk and Thiago Silva respect Neymar’s skill and even though Neymar is not captain or the oldest player on the field, everyone understands he is the “MAN!” When Brazil needs a goal or needs someone to “decide” the game and make something happen, the pressure falls on Neymar to lead and create.

With that said, Netherlands played as if Robben, Sneijder and Van Persie were “presidents,” or they played without a “president.” The team seemed apathetic, lethargic and without focus. There was no central figure or designated roles. If there were roles given by the coach then the players didn’t like the roles or didn’t believe in the roles the coach gave them.

Ultimately, Netherlands let us all down. Anyone who enjoys good pretty soccer (football) was let down by this team of all stars. Netherlands is a team filled with so much talent, either they can’t or won’t put differences aside for the better of the team.

What are your thoughts on why Netherlands did so badly in Euro 2012?

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I think Sneijder should have played center mid instead of left mid…

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