Luis Suarez Not Good Enough to Play in Brazil?

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is one of the best forwards currently playing the game of soccer. I often say, “I wish Luis Suarez was Brazilian, that way we (Brazil) would finally have a decent forward.” So you can imagine my surprise when I found out, Suarez almost played in Brazil for Flamengo.

Jorge Luís Andrade da Silva:

Andrade, is the man the opted not to sign Luis Suarez to Flamengo. He said, “I did not sign Suarez and I do not regret it. Soccer is momentary, it’s who is doing well at the moment and at that time when Suarez was 19-years-old, he didn’t play well the day(s) I looked at him. He was young, and still inexperienced and to tell you the truth I didn’t even think twice of it. At the time there was another scout looking at players and he also didn’t get excited over Suarez. He was not better than our national (Brazilian Players) players like Fabiano Oliveira.” I have to ask, “isn’t this an arrogant approach to doing your job, as a scout?” Whatever happened to being neutral, non-biased or objective.

Flamengo ended-up signing a contract with Fabiano Oliveira over Luis Suarez (they are the same age).

– Note: Fabiano Oliveira, never was able to secure a spot at Flamengo. He has had several short spells at different Turkish clubs, Giresunspor and Boluspor. Fabiano’s last club was Boavista in Brazil.

Fabiano Oliveira from Flamengo

Portuguese transcript: ” Não me arrependo, não. Futebol é momento. Naquela época, ele tinha 19 anos. Fui ver um torneio (no Uruguai), e ele não se apresentou bem. Era garoto ainda, inexperiente, e realmente não dei o aval. Tinha outro observador comigo, o pai do Ibson (Laís Silva), e ele também não se empolgou. Ele não é melhor que nossos atacantes jovens da base, como o Fabiano Oliveira – afirmou.”


These are the people scouting players throughout Brazil and South America. These scouts are selecting players for Brazilian professional squads. In essence these scouts are selecting players, who (if the player is Brazilian) will go on to play for the Brazilian National Team (The Seleção). Are we still surprised that Brazil is in a slump?

Soccer is momentary (transitory with ups and downs) when speaking in terms of a mature established player. Shouldn’t scouts be able to see past a teenagers momentary slump and forecast what the young player can possibly grow into? It seems to me this is a perfect illustration of the decline of Brazilian Soccer. Scouts are looking for young players that can make an immediate impact on a team. These scouts have stopped looking at a teenagers future potential, and instead focus on the momentary impact ($$$ if you know what I mean) the player can make the team?
How many great players have these two scouts disregarded? Oh how I fear for the future of Brazilian soccer.

Luis Suarez Skills Video:

My admiration for Suarez extends further than his mere goal scoring capabilities. He also creates and works harder than most people on the field. This characteristic makes him a phenomena. He’s a modern player with a “Classic Number Nine” swagger.
This fella creates opportunities for himself and teammates from seemingly impossible angles.

Luis Suarez All Goals for Liverpool Video:

Luis Suarez All Goals Barcelona 2014 – 2015:

Luis Suarez Doesn’t Give a Fudgesicle:

In this modern society we get our feelings hurt over anything.
For me, I enjoy Luis Suarez’s edgy attitude.
That type of personality has been evident in many greats throughout soccer history; Edmundo the Animal, Zlatan and most of all Romario.

Romario “God looked down to earth, pointed at me and said, He’s the man.”


Romario Hitting Simeone:

Crazy Moments Luis Suarez

Edmundo The Animal



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