FC Barcelona Wins 2011 FIFA Club World Cup Surprise

FIFA Club World Cup Finals

For Barcelona to have won against Santos FC isn’t that surprising, I was being facetious with the title. However, there are some valid points to observe when discussing this game.





Neymar in Review

Do we really need to sit here and listen to people, commentators or bloggers say, “Neymar is not ready,” “He is not a top player yet,” “He might be good one day?” If we want to compare Neymar’s performance with other great players then let’s do so. Did Neymar do as bad or as good as Christiano Ronaldo in the “El Classico” on December 10th 2011? Did Neymar do as bad or as good as Wayne Rooney in the 2011 UEFA Champions League final? The American commentators said, “Neymar has definitely lost value based on his performance today and it is clear Neymar has a lot to grow.”

Are we serious people? This kid is amazing and we cannot compare him with Messi. How about the following, lets switch Messi and Neymar; and put Neymar on FC Barcelona and Messi with Santos FC. Now I ask you, “would Messi be as efficient with Santos as he is with Barcelona?” Probably NOT, and this has been proven with Messi’s performances with the Argentine National squad. Messi has had trouble being as efficient with the Argentine National squad as he is with FC Barcelona. So stop comparing Neymar with Messi, and you’re an idiot if you do. These are different teams and we can’t expect Neymar to be as efficient as Messi when his team is MUCH inferior to Messi’s.
Anyone who has seen Neymar play knows he should be considered in the top five or six players in the world.  So let’s stop saying, “He is not good, YET.”

Defense Comparisons: Santos vs Barcelona

Durval of Santos FC

Do I need to point out how bad Durval is? (with all due respect to him as a professional  but he had a bad day) Two goals were basically created by Durval’s inability to “touch” the ball. When I saw the ball basically go through his body as if he was a video game character on FIFA 2011 (EA Sports), I laughed. The second Barcelona goal wasn’t as bad; however Durval missed the opportunity to deflect the ball.

So let’s get real, we cannot compare Durval, Bruno and Edu with Abidal, Pique, and Puyol. Barcelona’s backline comes out passing the ball as Santos backline and keeper just kick long balls. Not to mention it seems like Santos players were trying NOT to pass the ball to Durval. Durval lost the ball nonstop and was basically a negative factor in having him on the pitch. This brings up the most important question?


Muricy Ramalho

Muricy Ramalho has done great things with Santos, but he should have been “hip” to the notion that his backline was too weak. He should have invested in new players or at least improvised with defensive midfields to play the backline against Barcelona.
Also keep in mind Santos FC has not been at the top of their game in the Brazilian Championship. They are literally in the middle of the table. And the fact they are in the middle of the table brings up another question, “Is Brazilian Soccer Dead?”

Brazilian Soccer

For those who don’t know this already, Brazil’s best players are sold to foreign countries. This happens because the Brazilian

Neymar Jr vs Barcelona

Clubs are “poor.” Brazilian clubs are unable to keep players because they need to pay their debts. For Santos to retain Neymar and Ganso they had to ask for outside investors as well as national help to pay their salaries. So no wonder there wasn’t any NEW quality defenders on Santos’s team; they can’t afford anyone new. So when we look at Barcelona in comparison to Santos, per player value and club worth, I feel the Brazilians showed some good play at times in the second half. Santos has four or five good/decent players and that’s exactly how “good” we should expect them to play. (even though I think they could have played a bit better)

For your information, I still think Brazilian soccer has lost its edge over the past three decades and you can read my article about Brazil’s digression in soccer called, “Is FC Barcelona That Good or is Everyone That Bad.”


Surprise, surprise…Barcelona and Messi are the best in the world. But, Santos showed that they are just as bad as any European team that plays poorly against FC Barcelona.


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