Best Brazilian Beers World Cup 2014

Brazilian Beers
Brazilian Beers

Since Brazil has liberated beer sales (drinking), and alcohol sales (drinking) during World Cup Brazil 2014, I thought it only appropriate to discuss the Best Brazilian Beers!

Brazil is known for their Pilsner “Pilsen” style beers. They are not filling and they go down smooth, not to mention they have a bold and great taste!
Here are my top six Best Brazilian Beers World Cup 2014!


#1: Cerveja Bohemia (Bohemia Beer)


One of the most expensive commercial beers. It’s a Pilsner, and it goes well with some spaghetti or at the beach!





#2: Cerveja Skol (Skol Beer)

Cerveja Skol - Skol Beer


Skol is one of the higher priced commercial beers. This beer has a little bit of a sweet flavor and is not filling whatsoever.

I must admit that this is my go to beer. I always make sure the fridge is full of Skol when I head to Brazil!




A few fun Skol videos:



#3: Cerveja Brahma (Brahma Beer)

Brahma Chopp

Brahma is also a Pilsner beer, but they are known for their “draft” on tap beer. Almost all the bars (at least in Sao Paulo area) have Brahma Chopp (Chopp = Draft) on tap. Let me tell you, it’s like heaven in your mouth!




#4: Cerveja Antartica (Antartica Beer)

Antartica Beer, Cerveja Antartica


This is a common beer in Brazil, it’s been around for a long time. Growing up on the North East of Brazil in Salvador, Bahia I remember everyone drinking Antartica. I enjoy, Antartica, at an almost freezing temperature with a nice Brazilian meal of Feijoada or prato feito!






#5: Kaiser Beer (Cerveja Kaiser)

Kaiser Beer - Cerveja Kaiser

This is yet another Pilsner beer, commercially known. Kaiser is a medium to lower end economy class beer. Kaiser is not one of my favorites, but if you want something cheaper than the others, I’d get Kaiser.





#6: Brahma Black


Is Brazil’s equivalent to Guinness. This beer is really good, and if you like black beer you will LOVE this beer. Try it out, then let me know what you think!



Enjoy your time in Brazil and be safe!

“Thank God I’m too young to drive!”

I'm too young to drive - thank God









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