Bayern Upset Madrid With Gomez Winner

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid
Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

The clash between Bayern and Real Madrid that started tentatively and ended with fiery tension, promises to be a prelude to an exciting game in the second leg, played at The Bernabeu.

Howard Webb refereed the game like he would moderate any other game… in England. Unfortunately the two teams playing were from Spain and Germany respectively. Harsh tackles came in left and right causing protest amongst the 22 on the field and only a rye smirk from Webb in the center.

Video Highlights are below, scroll down.

Ribery then, dribbling through the box, took a dive as he cut past Ramos. Howard Webb only looked away. Diving is part of the game, much like it is a part of swimming. At least lately it has seemed to be more strategic than actual injuries. After that, it took the Red Machine only 17 minutes to open up the scoring, as Di Maria weakly chested the ball down off of the corner kick and Ribery took advantage of the miss-cue, firing it through the pack, putting Bayern ahead 1-0. The tackles and proclamations continued to bombard Webb and frustration started to mount, as Real were unable to convert any chances in the first half.


The game slowed down a bit and Bayern held onto the lead into the break. Bayern leading one goal to nil.Into the second half Madrid came out re-invigorated dominating possession for the first few minutes leading to multiple chances. Benzema started one of the more notable chances over on the far side, receiving the ball and cutting a pass across to the on-rushing Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s first touch left the ball a bit behind and it resulted in a weak shot, easily parried by Neuer but landing at the feet of Ozil, who then sent it to Benzema again. Benzema had cycled to the top of the box. Benzema dribbled down the far side again and crossed it to the sprinting Ronaldo, who squares a pass to Ozil, accumulating in a goal by Ozil in the 53rd minute.

Howard Webb Referee

The game heated up with reckless tackles, by Marcelo (what else is new), Coentrao, Di Maria, Arbeloa, Lahm, Ramos, and Higuain earning them all yellow cards. 6 yellows for Madrid to Bayern’s single yellow card tells the story of frustration for Real as they could hardly put together any strong chances. Bayern dominated towards the end when the heavy legs of the Spaniards left holes in the defense. Lahm took advantage of Coentrao’s dive-in tackle, using his momentum to push the ball down the line and cross it for an incoming Mario Gomez who scored the winning goal in the 90th minute! Allianz stadium went nuts as Bayern secured a deserved win. The game did not come down to one player, one play, or referee call. The game came down to which team dug deeper, which strikers persisted longer, and which system of play worked out better in the long contest. Today, it was Bayern, but Madrid have a bone to pick. The 2nd leg is promising to be a goal-studded affair with plenty of entertainment for anybody lucky enough to watch. I know I will!

Mourinho rested lots of key players, likely for El Clasico, but the sacrifice in Germany hurt Real heading into the game against Barcelona. Now Real, coming off of a loss must face the powerful Barcelona in El Clasico and pull off a victory to secure the league title. If Barcelona were to win though, say 4-1, Madrid would be utterly deflated for their return leg against Bayern. Bayern, with time to rest this weekend, will take full advantage of resting key players to prepare for the trip to Spain. The 2nd leg! Don’t miss it!

What do you think about Howard Webb’s refereeing of the game? “Too lenient?” Or “Just the way football should be played?


Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 1-0 ( Franck Ribery goal vs Real Madrid 17?)
Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 1-1 ( Mesut Ozil goal vs Bayern Munich 53?)
Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 2-1 ( Mario Gomez goal vs Real Madrid 17?)

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