Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid 1st Leg Preview


Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid
Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals 2012

Hosts Bayern Munich head to the semi-finals to face Spain’s #1 club in La Liga thus far. With a fit Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery, the Reds are the favorite to reach the finals in Munich although Real are a team on form currently 4 points ahead of second place Barcelona.

April 17th 2012 Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid (2:45pm ET 11:45am PT)

Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho feels Barcelona is likely to reach the finals against Bayern but Chelsea and Real in the finals would be unlikely. Mourinho implies favoritism but rarely does a team/coach feel they have had the benefit of the doubt in every football match. Real will have their hands full with the on-form Mario Gomez, whose already scored 25 goals in the Bundesliga when they meet on the Tuesday the 17th. while Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has had an exceptionally high-scoring season (Scoring a whopping 40 goals) in La Liga alone!  A true battle of scoring leaders.
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Bayern Munich

The referees may favor Bayern in Mourinho’s opinion but current performances favor Real Madrid. Bayern race to win their 5th Champions League title and Real, with the most Champions League titles, aim to make this their tenth. A loss for Madrid and they could lose their grip on the league title as well. Ozil, with the highest assists in La Liga, will hope to link up with Ronaldo and Higuain to put the German Machine to bed early in the tie if they can stop Bayern’s persistence in attack. Robben and Ribery will try to connect with Mario Gomez and help de-throne Lionel Messi as the top scorer in this season’s CL (Champions League).

Will Bayern’s consistency and strong form of late overcome the strength of the most expensive players in the world? Or will Ronaldo, Benzema, and Ozil knock the hosts out of the final to head for a tenth CL title and un-seat Barcelona from their European dominance? What do you think?

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