Walter Montillo Reviewed

We find ourselves in the midst of Copa America 2011 and all the favorite teams have displayed the most miserable soccer I have ever witnessed. In the first game of the cup, Argentina’s style, formation and overall game play was terrible. For this reason I have to review a player who could easily be part of this unrecognizable Argentine team, Walter Montillo.


I must admit I never heard of this guy until he signed a contract with Brazilian club Cruzeiro in 2010. I heard chatter glorifying Montillo’s playing style and it was said that Brazilian Club Flamengo as well as others were all attempting to buy Montillo. So is this guy really that good?

Walter Montillo Reviewed

The first time I watched him play I was amazed at the quality, quickness and technical ability Montillo had. He seemed to incorporate the Argentine style perfectly with the Brazilian soccer style. Montillo’s hustle and innate vision and command of the midfield were impressive to say the least.

Montillo won the award “Bola de Prata,” (Silver Ball) nominated as Brazil’s best 11 for the 2010 “Brasileirão (Brazilian Championship). Amazingly Montillo’s Argentine compatriot Dario Conca won Brazil’s most prestigious award, the “Bola de Ouro” (Golden Ball); as the best player in Brazil for 2010.

To sum this up Walter Montillo is arguably the best midfielder in Brazil or at minimum the top three. He could easily play for his national squad and possibly play a supporting role beside Messi in the middle.

Messi could play the more advanced midfield role as Montillo could help hold the ball in the middle, mark the other team and do one twos with Messi similar to Inesta for Barcelona.



Bola de Prata (Silver Ball): 11 best players of their position playing in Brazil.

Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball): The single best player of the competition, usually it is the best player of the winning team of the Brazilian Championship.


Silver Ball Winners Brazilian Soccer Championship 2010

Winners Bola de Prata 2010


Keeper: Fábio (Cruzeiro)

Right Back:
Mariano (Fluminense)

Left Back:
Roberto Carlos (Corinthians)

Full Backs:
Chicão (Corinthians)
Alex Silva (São Paulo)

Jucilei (Corinthians)
Elias (Corinthians)

Conca (Fluminense)
Montillo (Cruzeiro)

Jonas (Grêmio)
Neymar (Santos)

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