Ganso vs Oscar: Who’s The Better Player (inforgraphic)

Ganso vs Oscar quem e melhor Who's best!
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Seldom have we seen a Brazilian National Squad so deprived of technically gifted players. This could be the first time in Brazil’s history where they have better defensive players than offensive players. To their fortune, Ganso and Oscar started to emerge as possible solutions for Brazil’s needy midfield. Now, Ganso has fallen victim to multiple injuries the past two years, while Oscar has triumphed at every team he has played with including Chelsea FC. The majority of Brazilian spectators and commentators route for Ganso’s recovery and subsequent replacement of Oscar as the true number “TEN” for Brazil, I ask the question, “Who is really better?”

Let me start by saying I hate comparing two great players. It’s almost impossible to really measure a player’s greatness, because many things influence a player’s success like team members, coaches, leagues etc. not to mention cohesion with your team members.

In this situation I would like to be as objective as possible. However, I want to call out Brazilian Spectators and Media as being ingenuous, unsophisticated, childlike and naive when measuring Ganso “so much” better than Oscar. In fact, I’m tired of listening to people say, “Oscar is good, but he’s not good enough to be Brazil’s number 10.” (This has been stated many times ex-soccer player and commentator, Walter Casagrande)

So let’s begin what I call, “getting real about the maestros!”

Paulo Henirque Ganso Reviewed

Good Qualities of Ganso

This guy is fantastic, I can’t say enough regarding his passing and vision. The thing we sometimes forget is that Ganso can actually dribble and create. When I watched Ganso at his best, he led the team (Santos FC) above and beyond Neymar’s greatness. He gave the team equilibrium, because when Neymar was being marked by two or three players, Ganso would step up and start dribbling and creating, which would force Neymar’s “markers” to mark or try to steal the ball from Ganso, which would open up Neymar…and so on.

Low Qualities of Ganso

What makes Ganso a worrisome player is when we depend on him for defensive roles. Ganso is not as agile as Oscar, and his movement is much slower.

Oscar Reviewed

Good Qualities of Oscar

This player always surprises me, not because he does amazing dribbles every second (like Neymar) but because he does the simple things. Oscar seems to always be playing simple being patient and waiting for the right moment to be “AMAZING!”

Sometimes, the right moment to be amazing doesn’t appear, and folks will argue, “Oscar didn’t do anything.” However, I ask, “How many players do we want standing out on a team?” For Neymar and others to dribble, someone needs to support, and in essence HOLD the middle of the field.

Low Qualities of Oscar

Oscar doesn’t have the dribbling and showmanship Ganso has. Ganso, can make amazing passes through various opponents directly to his teammates. Ganso’s vision and amazing passing sometimes puts him in front of Oscar when reviewing “the wow factor.”

In all, I’d say Brazil is very well equipped with Oscar as the Number 10 for Brazil. He plays simple, and holds the midfield, and if the right time during the game becomes available, Oscar is able to be amazing. Oscar will deliver absolute professionalism. Ultimately, I would love to see both of them play side by side. A Brazil National Team with Oscar, Ganso and Kaka is only a good thing.

Ganso vs Oscar infographic Who's Best

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