Ganso vs Oscar: Who’s The Better Player (inforgraphic)

Ganso vs Oscar quem e melhor Who's best!
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Seldom have we seen a Brazilian National Squad so deprived of technically gifted players. This could be the first time in Brazil’s history where they have better defensive players than offensive players. To their fortune, Ganso and Oscar started to emerge as possible solutions for Brazil’s needy midfield. Now, Ganso has fallen victim to multiple injuries the past two years, while Oscar has triumphed at every team he has played with including Chelsea FC. The majority of Brazilian spectators and commentators route for Ganso’s recovery and subsequent replacement of Oscar as the true number “TEN” for Brazil, I ask the question, “Who is really better?”

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Ji-sung Park Reviewed

Ji-sung Park Reviewed

After the Chelsea vs. Manchester United game played April 12, 2011 at Old Trafford for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League; I decided to write about Ji-sung Park. Arguably the best player on the field that day for his shear determination, Park terrorized Chelsea’s left flank.

After the game Korean friends commented about how awesome Park is. The fact is, Park isn’t awesome; he is a great workhorse who had some very good luck. He play’s a role for Manchester United, and he fit’s that role perfectly. We should actually congratulate Sir Alex Ferguson, for Park’s “greatness.” He saw in Park, what many coaches probably wouldn’t have seen, a secrete weapon! He integrated Park into the Manchester system, and created a player that we now see as, “awesome.” Read more