Reasons Why Mano Menezes Was Fired from Brazil’s National Team

Mano Menezes Fired

It is no secret my contempt for Mano Menzes throughout his reign over the Brazilian National Team. I listed several issues I had with Mano in my article, “Brazil Booed The dark Ages of Brazilian Soccer.” Gratefully, Friday November 23rd Mano Menezes was dismissed as Brazil’s head coach, ”

A day which should be celebrated by all Brazilian’s,” Romario tweeted:

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Unconventional Soccer Drills to Improve Aim

soccer aim

We usually don’t speak about “aim” when discussing soccer. That is, until someone shoots the ball from outside the 18-yard-box and scores. At which point everyone turns to one another and say, “What a shot!” When shooting or passing you need aim. The majority of players will wait for a team training so they can practice their shooting or passing. Most of the time, players will wait to have a “perfect” field, goal and full squad to practice their technical needs.

For the rest of us who will play soccer wherever or whenever, be that on the streets or grass patches on the side of the road, I offer some unconventional ways to improve your soccer aim!

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